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Sungai Chiling Revisited


There are a lot of names associated with this place, Sungai Chiling, Chiling Waterfall, Chilling Sanctuary River and Chiling River. Normally we just called it Sg Chiling or Chiling Waterfall for short. So here we are again, a revisited trip for the second time.

Sungai Chiling (Chiling Waterfall) @ Kuala Kubu Bahru

20 March 2010

I was leading a group of eight (8) peoples, started from KL. Our journey on trekking all the way @ 11.20am considered late. Many reached earlier than us. Upon reached there, I wasn’t so excited, maybe I know the environment there. This waterfall has gone over-marketed through some photo album and blog site, causing a huge crowd at most weekend there. No fun at all.

Some more, the entrance fees has increased RM1 now, a 50% increased! Gosh!…lol. None of my reason going there other than photography.

We have to cross 6 rivers (actually six times river to be exact in ONE river only) before reach the waterfall. We felt chilled up enjoying scenery there.


Sungai Chiling @ Kuala Kubu Baru


So here we are, our natural escape to Sungai Chiling Waterfall located at Kuala Kubu Baru. I foresee myself to hook up with waterfall places in future other than hiking. The waterfall ambiance is giving me a pleasant sound every time I step into water.

Sungai Chiling (Chiling Waterfall) @ Kubu Bahru

September 2009

Chiling Waterfall has become a popular place for many peoples in the town. There has been a long talk about this trip. Well, I managed to form a group of 10 peoples finally. We started from KL, around 7am. Our first stop was before Rawang town.


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