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Annual Gathering 2011


Our excited series of gathering has concluded successfully at Bagan Lalang. Our 4th series of outing is expanded to include out of our friends’ circle, made entirely environment fun and enjoyable.

17-18 Dec 2011 | Annual Gathering 2011

We called it Annual Gathering series because we have got rid of old-fashioned and closed-minded name, DC a.k.a Delivery Channel. We’ve moved for a better life. Two friends of us have married this year. Bonding between us never show signed of weakened. We’re still kicking as strong as ever because we’ve recruited two new members joining us this year, Tasha & Kelly.

The decision of choosing Bagan Lalang as our destination was made with majority. It’s a new experience to held barbecue (BBQ) session on the beach side. Barely one month planning, we have chosen Camar Laut Resort as our accommodation.

I booked 3 unit of semi-d chalet with 2 rooms (4 pax) per unit. Only cost me RM360 (RM120 per unit). Kind of cheap compare to Hotel Seri Malaysia which is next to us. We have 15 pax to fit one unit during the Gift X’Change session. Three decided not to overnight.

Even though packed, but it was fun.


Cuti-Cuti Tanjung Sepat


Tanjung Sepat is a town in Kuala Langat district in Selangor, Malaysia. Located at Straits of Malacca, primarily is a fishing town. Most of the inhabitants have some kind of connection to the fishing industry. Tanjung Sepat is well known locally for its many seafood restaurants. The most famous dish is the seafood steamboat.

Cuti-Cuti Tanjung Sepat

Pantai Morib | Sepang Gold Coast

28 November 2009

First of foremost, this trip wasn’t organized intentionally, a bit of out of expectation. I didn’t know that Tanjung Sepat is such a popular tourist spot. I managed to arrange a trip to Tanjung Sepat based on the information provided by blogger.

Due to limit contribution, we only manage to come out with simple itinerary few days before and sent out to my kakis to join me.

According to the trip initiator, it’s basically more on leisure, sight-seeing, photographing and a break from our stressful work life, perhaps a chance to know each other well. Hehe. I made a new friend here.


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