It’s surprise for some of folks who lived in Puchong who doesn’t know Bukit Puchong exist. Even for myself in KL, doesn’t know its existence until people share their hiking pictures. My curiosity arose.

Bukit Puchong

Synonym with Bukit Puchong, the name of this hill was given because the geographical location at Puchong area. The exact name is Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Puchong. It’s not a tough hill to hike, anyone with the passion of hiking should explore this place.

The uniqueness of this hill was the location. Under the rapid development of every piece of land in Puchong, you still can find such a woodland available for hiking. Normally I need to travel long hour to get a descent good place for hiking. But this was not the case.

I have hike this hill for few times. Hence this post is going to be a compilation from all few experiences.

The main entrance located at Jalan Wawasan 5/1 with GPS co-ordination here (Google Maps). You will find many car parks on road side, mostly with the reason of hiking.  It’s kinda pack on weekend. But parking is not an issue here.