Perak Tong is located within the huge limestone caves of Gunung Tasek, 6 km to the north of Ipoh, nestles the Perak Tong temple. The Perak Tong is a popular tourist destination and a historical destination near the town of Ipoh. This was part of my 3-in-1 Ipoh Trip … Geng!

Perak Cave Temple (Perak Tong)

December 2009

The temple in the cave built in 1926 by a Buddhist priest from China and it houses over 40 Buddha. When you entered to this temple, you will see a 12.8m high sitting Buddha which is the tallest and largest of its kind in Malaysia when first commissioned.

It’s very easy to find from the side of the main road. Therefore, no way to miss this tourist spot. If you happen to drive from Ipoh town or exit from the North South Expressway (PLUS) through Sungai Siput exit, you will find this temple on your right not far away from the highway exit.