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PC Fair I 2010


The first edition of PC Fair 2010 held @ KL Convention Centre recently draw a huge crowd as the economy recovered. Many buyers are willing to spend money on ICT and related gadget to catch up latest trend and requirements. It’s a good place for technology hunting as well as for social purpose (meet pretty babes promoter).

PC Fair I 2010

16 – 18 April 2010

I’d prepare a shopping list before continue with my support to PC Fair. I’m still support those promoters especially the young, tall and fair skin babes by appreciate their presence. So I can assured that you won’t out from this fair without any pictures of them. Here there are …


PC Fair II 2009


PC Fair is back! This round, I went there for 2 days. First day was rather simple with no intention of buying. So, Jian and me just getting there for fun. Of course, fun means doing something out of our norm before.

PC Fair (II) 2009

31/7 – 2/8

YES! Taking picture of babes (opss…girls) was the target. Nothing to say much about what’s going on in PC Fair, but to show those pictures taken with full credit to Jian’s artwork.

I’m interested to buy this kind of bag. On first day, it priced at RM78. Last day, the price dropped to RM65. Damn!!! A lesson to be learn next time.

Even on first day, the fair was about to get crowded. The booth designed is match and stunning, but not babes. They’re far lesser compare to previous. Haizzz.

The only astounding booth with babes is AntiVir. The ‘models‘ up the stage were just smile and pose for the whole day for 3 days. Salute them!

While photographers are busying themselves, we were busying from behind, one of them was focusing on the leg!

From LG booth.

And DeXXy.Net choice of PC Fair Babe is below! A simple, yet sweet, standing on Kingston redemption booth on alone, reminding customers to go for lucky draw if had purchasing any Kingston product.

On the second day, I wasn’t able to come again due to stupid road block and massive jam in KL. I decided to turn out at last day, luckily with greater bargaining power. I purchased my first ever DSLR, which will show in my blog later on.

Overall the fair is not bad, from my point of view. There are still some improvement needed even though the broadband war area has been showing more manners and courtesy to customer compare to last time.

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