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PC Fair I 2010


The first edition of PC Fair 2010 held @ KL Convention Centre recently draw a huge crowd as the economy recovered. Many buyers are willing to spend money on ICT and related gadget to catch up latest trend and requirements. It’s a good place for technology hunting as well as for social purpose (meet pretty babes promoter).

PC Fair I 2010

16 – 18 April 2010

I’d prepare a shopping list before continue with my support to PC Fair. I’m still support those promoters especially the young, tall and fair skin babes by appreciate their presence. So I can assured that you won’t out from this fair without any pictures of them. Here there are …


PC Fair III 2009


Yet another PC Fair edition before we leap towards to year 2010 soon. It was held at KL Convention Centre @ KLCC for 3 days. Majority of people treating this as a good bargain for technology, also many people came here for pretty ladies show.

PC Fair III 2009

4-6 Dec 2009

The show that I mean was young and pretty female promoters at major booth. I’m still repeat my usual tradition not to miss any series of PC Fair that held over the year. I may had repeated the same act last time (eg. took photos of pretty (lenglui) promoter ladies in the fair).

This time was a bit different because I owned a DSLR which I bought in last PC Fair. I’d made a good use of it. Although it was meant to be for fun, of course, I’m doing what others have done all these years.

Sharing some of your snapshots of them online and get other people comment. I believe their photos were already spread widely across the online forum.

Mine started as below. Enjoy!

Babes from Acer booth. I met my long-time-no-see friend, but she resisted me to take her picture due to she is not the model and wear plain only. Aishh…

Enjoy the rest. I forgot where I took all these pictures…randomly.

Hibikii booth offered something that I’m looking for. YO! I bought it!

Bought their product, get offered the following soft toy. GOOD DEAL!

The model that represent this Hibikii booth…you rate yourself.

Finally, DeXXy.Net choice of BABE this series is … AntiVir Babes.

My visit this time was hardly a complaint especially on the broadband war. They were more tamed and do not harass passerby like me. Tip to overcome them is to pretend answering the phone while crossing the WAR lane. Nobody will dare to push you for the product. It works! I did it.

I left the fair empty handed with loaded of pictures. I did buy something, just for friends, but not myself. Haizzz…wait until next year then.

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