Sungai Lembing, one of the most recognizable places among young generation. A unique town owns the largest, longest and deepest underground tin mining in the world. They got the oldest suspension bridge in Malaysia, the perfect sunrise viewing on Panorama Hill, Historical Museum, Rainbow Falls and varieties of popular local foods.

Sungai Lembing, The Hidden Treasure

Panorama Hill

10 April 2010

As history said, the name Lembing was an adoption of the event of spear that fell into Kenau River while the hunters were hunting the deer. Another said the name of Chinese Hakka Lim Ming (林明) translated to Malay.

Sungai Lembing has become a charming town attracting loads of visitors especially on weekends and during holidays. There is Sunday morning market, offering inexpensive goods to the locals and the visitors. It’s a small town with elderly and children. Most youngsters have moved to town for job and better life.

If there is only thing you can related to Sg Lembing is Rainbow Waterfall, you are wrong. There are a lot to tell from my visit to Sg Lembing recently. Although it’s not a complete visit this round, as I missed out few locations here. Hope it can use as guide to plan a trip to this old mining town.