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Super Se7en Paintball Challenge


After 3 years from my first paintball event by AmBank, I get persuaded to join this event again although I’m not really keen into it especially getting shot by people. Anyway for your information, it’s an annual event by the Sport Club for a fee as low as RM30 only.

19 Feb 2011 | Super Se7en Paintball Challenge

Shooting game is famous among those who like enemy killing feel. This subsidized event by the club itself had attracted much experience and non-experience players. Winners are always those who wear their own uniform and have killing team name.

Sound funny but true. We unable to avoid those killing team as it was chosen via balloting. Well, a game is just a game, my team entered the game with just for fun mindset. We strive for our own best. Let’s work as a team and yeah! Killing … GO GO GO!


Paintball @ Shah Alam Extreme Park


After one year from my first Paintball event, I come again for my second time with my own group. Due to the lucky draw from Hikers Climber during Eco-Challenge last month, I’ve been presented a voucher with 5 peoples participation for free.

Paintball @ Shah Alam Extreme Park

29 August 2009

That’s the main reason we come out with this activity. Total of 15 peoples are participating with the game. We split into two group ( 7 + 8 ) and compete!

We played at 9am, therefore, we gathered and briefed about the safety measures at 8.45am. We opted for normal package of RM40 (100 bullets and equipment) as we play for fun. No additional bullet after we were satisfied with 3 rounds of game.


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