Sungai Nuang, a stream of water flows from Gunung Nuang that you normally encountered when you hike this mountain. No hiking for this trip during the weekend. That’s barbecues (BBQ) along the river.

BBQ @ Sungai Nuang (Nuang River)

When my friend, Paolo told me about the intention to make a BBQ near Sungai Nuang, I was thought of bringing loads of food, stove, drinks & accessories all the way from entrance to the hiking trail.

It was a very good training before eating a lot. But I was wrong. They actually occupied one of the hut build near the river, outside of the park ranger office, on the road side early in the morning when I called them.

Only discovered there are few spots ready for picnic & have a good fun time BBQ-ing.

Cool. How did he find such place?