Gunung Irau (Mount Irau) is located near Brinchang town in Cameron Highlands, Pahang. This mountain marks the border of two states, Pahang & Perak. At the highest point of 6,923ft or 2,110m, its rank fifteen highest mountain in Malaysia and ninth highest in Peninsular Malaysia.

Gunung Irau (Mount Irau) @ Cameron Highlands

24 July 2010

It’s relatively the easiest mountain to climb at this height. Among Top 10 Mountains in Peninsular Malaysia, Irau is slightly 80 meters lower than Gunung Tahan. Gunung Tahan requires about many days to reach its peak (camp in jungle) while Irau is only takes 3 hours to reach its peak with steep ascent at certain points. Overnight in camp is optional.

There are two reasons; first of all, the track starts at trunk road with relatively high altitude, the highest paved road in Peninsular Malaysia. Secondly, the distance from the entrance to the peak is only 2.35km, can be done comfortably within 7 hours for a return trip.