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Melaka Wonderland – The Theme Park


Melaka Wonderland had been around since 2010 and one of the attraction point in Melaka. Located at Ayer Keroh, Melaka, it’s a complete water park experience for everyone. Again, I was here for fun … seeking for high-speed water slides!

Melaka Wonderland @ Ayer Keroh

Compare to the one I went in Alor Gajah, A Famosa Water World, this water park is offering a slightly different style, you can differentiate it. Some more, it’s in famous area, Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

I hardly miss any new attraction found in Melaka, at least for now, I’m quite obsessed with it. Water dipping isn’t what I’m looking forward. I was here because of two reasons, this is considering a new/latest park in town and I love do sliding activities.

Let’s explore what’s offering and fun in the park … from my series of pictures.


Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip at Melaka


You’re read it right. Having a Melaka trip just for food would give a thought of repeating the food itself for good sake. In fact, the foods are too many to be cover in one trip. Let’s stretch to a few trips plan separately.

Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip at Melaka


Our day started from the night itself where we were traveling from Seremban after a wedding dinner to Melaka for an overnight stay. Late check-in was a trouble when we’re not able to find the exact place where we booked our stay, the freaking Al-Banjari Heritage Guest House.

It’s obviously cheap to overnight at cost of RM20 per person only! Of course the quality is what you paid for. I called the owner to pick up us from the street and he came out to bring us to the guest house and hence the check-in process done with a room key to us. Good service for real, but low quality stay if you choosy.

As it was too late, around 1am, we quickly settled most our stuffs and sleeps immediately.


A Famosa Water World @ Melaka


Waterpark never amazed so much but it left much thrill for me to explore since I was child. Melaka A Famosa Water World is known as “The Largest Water Theme Park in Malaysia” is one of the exciting water escapades that you never want to miss!

A’Famosa Water World

Out of many attractive places in Melaka I’ve visited, it left not much for me to explore and put it on my blog. Even this visit wasn’t my first visit to Melaka A Famosa Water World. That’s N year back since my last visit.

The cool summertime fun was going to be fun when you’re in Melaka during hot weather. Jumping into cooling pool and escape from burning sensation you feel during the visit at A’Famosa Resort. This place is located at the exit of Alor Gajah KL-Seremban Highway toll.


Taman Buaya Melaka


Taman Buaya Melaka is one of the largest crocodile farm in the country. This farm has over 200 crocodiles of various species including the Siamese, African Dwarf, Humpback and Indian Marsh. My visit was part of my journey to widen my exposure to Melaka tourism.

Taman Buaya Melaka (Malacca Crocodile Farm)

The crocodile farm is located just opposite the Zoo Melaka and easily found along the road from Ayer Keroh toll to the town. Car park should be free but very packed with cars especially during the weekend. I parked rather far away at 11.00am.

Finally, I managed to arrange my time to visit the farm since 18 years ago … how long is that you know? I was almost forgotten how it was look like in the past. Over the time, the crocodile farm had renovated into modern and achieves the biggest crocodile farm in the country.


Melaka Night View


Among many places I went to, Melaka still offers me the best revisiting destination. I’ve done many places in daylight, it’s time to move to night time. That’s what I called Melaka Night View.

Melaka Night View @ Befallen Light of the City

Due to I’m not really into night explorer of the street, there will be no review about any happening elsewhere in Melaka. Instead, I’ll be presenting a series of photographs taken at night, especially the Melaka River.

My short weekend in Melaka normally more happening during daylight, but caught unaware of such a beautiful sight at night. In fact, places like Melaka River Cruise could offer a lot of dancing lights when you follow along the way from river side.

Let’s the picture do the talking now.


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