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Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip at Melaka


You’re read it right. Having a Melaka trip just for food would give a thought of repeating the food itself for good sake. In fact, the foods are too many to be cover in one trip. Let’s stretch to a few trips plan separately.

Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip at Melaka


Our day started from the night itself where we were traveling from Seremban after a wedding dinner to Melaka for an overnight stay. Late check-in was a trouble when we’re not able to find the exact place where we booked our stay, the freaking Al-Banjari Heritage Guest House.

It’s obviously cheap to overnight at cost of RM20 per person only! Of course the quality is what you paid for. I called the owner to pick up us from the street and he came out to bring us to the guest house and hence the check-in process done with a room key to us. Good service for real, but low quality stay if you choosy.

As it was too late, around 1am, we quickly settled most our stuffs and sleeps immediately.


Architecture Museum of Malaysia


Architecture Museum of Malaysia is one of the museum found in Malacca. In fact, there are many museums along the road, but due to time constraint I only managed to visit this museum. It’s located at one of the building built during the Dutch administration of Malacca.

Architecture Museum of Malaysia, Melaka

Entrance fee is FREE. So, why not take a peek inside?

Inside the building, we can see a lot of architecture not only found in Malacca but the whole Malaysia. Again, there are many related to philosophy of architecture and cultural related art.


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