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Beach & Rainforest Trekking


By focusing solely on beach & hill-hiking activity on the weekend, we’d nowhere to go other than Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve Park & Pulau Intan beach. The famous landmark the representing this place is Tanjung Tuan Light House.

Beach & Rainforest Trekking – Tanjung Tuan

I organized this as part of Perhentian Island Challenge 2012 physical training preparation. I’d a group of 13 who joined me for this training. I hope everyone enjoy it although few of them never expect it to be too tough.

Tanjung Tuan, a stretch of Port Dickson beach, provides a jungle trail through the coastal will lead to white sandy beaches and a small island called Pulau Intan. Is the best kept secret of Port Dickson at the tip of Tanjung Tuan?

A series of walking through the jungle up to the trek of Batu Putih (similar to Tabur Hill) overview of Port Dickson coastal.


Kota Lukut (Fort) & Pulau Intan Beach Trek


A combination of few places in one trip was a time-saving. Organized by a group called My Travel Kaki Dot Com, we’d a fruitful trip which we never thought of exploring in the first place for hiking, Port Dickson.

Kota Lukut (Fort) & Pulau Intan Beach Trek


Being able to explore new places always my aim. This group leader was being so kind to bring us to exciting place for nature hike plus beach trek. Wonderful huh?

I can’t imagine how these both could combine together. Looks not tough, but it’s enough to make people say enough for the day.


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