As the title mentioned, Gunung Rajah is a mountain that bring you to the challenge of physical and mental. Due to its time-consuming and length route (32km for two ways) in ONE day, it can drain you totally.

Gunung Rajah – A Physically Challenging Mountain


I’m up to the challenge. That’s the BIG reason I respond to the invitation send by a hiker group to Gunung Rajah in ONE day. The key point of reconsideration is always the distance (32km return way). I’ve never done such distance before. I’ve doubt but open for challenge.

The event started at 6.00am with participation of over 100 hikers. All gathered at car park (Chamang Waterfall site) for a briefing. Experienced hikers are present with well-prepared, judging from outlook itself.

I’m just a beginner with some basic equipment. Even though I’m prepared both physically and mentally, my ability to reach the PEAK was in doubt. I failed to reach the peak due to time commitment for each check-point has delayed.

Organizer has put all the distance (in KM) marker along the way and yet, I miscalculated the time required and fall behind the schedule.