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Bukit Kutu Revisited


WITH a better preparation this round, I’ve attempted on Bukit Kutu again. Approximate 3 hours taken for this challenge. I participated in a huge group and together we all followed each other to make sure everyone make it to the top. I wouldn’t want to fail this time.

20 Feb 2011 | Bukit Kutu Revisited

The toughness of Bukit Kutu is still hold me back. With a height of mountain but called as hill, this hike provided me a great determination to complete it. With such motivation, I made it to the top, this round up to the real peak, that’s the big boulder (can’t hold more than 5 pax at one time).

Subsequently there is an abandon and ancient mansion behind this peak. Although nothing fancy, but without this visit, I don’t call this as completeness in my list.


An expedition to Bukit Kutu


Bukit Kutu is stand 1100m/3600ft height and located at Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor. Someone say it’s a mountain, but it’s more known as hill. It took roughly 3-4 hours to the peak. Before that, we have to cross a much trodden trek. Believe me. Only 4WD is suitable to use such road.

An expedition to Bukit Kutu

15 August 2010

One shall not underestimates the toughness of Gunung Kutu | Bukit Kutu. It wasn’t an easy hike for me so far, run off my combatant spirit and left my joint pain all the way down. Overall, it was not an easy climb at all. Steep terrain is one issue, stamina is another one.

One has to obey with time limit given to reach the top. Ascend and descend need some estimation hour before the sky dark, similar to Mount Nuang which required 12 hours average. I purposely bought a new 40L hiking bag to show my enthusiasm.


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