A BIG surprise if you compare Bukit Ketumbar with similar hill in KL Cheras area. You may not expect the trek can be completed lesser than an hour. You can forget of having guide to the peak, but having an experience people that hiked before would be an ideal choice. The path is clear and directive.

29 Jan 2011 | Bukit Ketumbar Leisure Hike

Bukit Ketumbar is just a hill for local resident to have their daily morning exercise. However, with social networking ability to spread the place to no boundaries, nowadays, the place is crowded especially during weekend.

Hiking this hill is kind of leisure hike which I’d fond to it lately. It’s located not far from my house, roughly 3km. The entrance is just a 5 minutes walk from Ketumbar Height Condo.

Car park is FREE on side road but once it’s FULL, you have no choice but to park in designated parking area with fees. Stalls selling fruits and drink are available along the entrance.