My FIRST oversea trip post here. Mt Bromo (a semi-active volcano) is a popular destination in East Java. It’s a wonderful place and very scenic.

Journey to Surabaya @ Mt.Bromo – A Mystifying Volcano

Bromo surrounded by Mt Penanjakan, Mt Batok and Mt Semeru currently is an active volcano during my visit. Authorities have deterred us from getting closer and stay from a mile away. But it didn’t stop us to continue with the risk up to the allowed distance limit.

A group of 11 of us have successfully embarked 3D2N Mt. Bromo + Ijen Crater tour. Even it’s short and pack, nothing can beat our experience of hiking, experiencing low temperature and sensationally delighted with culture of suburban area.

Knowing is incomparable until I see it myself. It was simply deserving and worthy.