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3-in-1 Ipoh Trip … Geng!


Again, it was another Ipoh trip in the same year. It might a bit different because it wasn’t simple as we thought. We planned and we went according to the itinerary. What’s more, it’s 3-in-1 trip with few places in my waiting list. What a nice and fulfilling trip this round.

3-in-1 Ipoh Trip … Geng!

18 – 20 December 2009

Planned for more than a month. Initially it was just merely a Back to Hometown trip. Don’t know how unexpectedly, it was turned into 3-in-1, mainly focus at Hot Spring (on the way to Ipoh), Ipoh town itself and Cameron Highlands (back from Ipoh). We have no time for other activities because it was packed!

18 December 2009 …

Our very first destination is Hot Spring (TRAP) @ Sungkai. It took  us almost 5 hours playing and soaking with natural flow hot water. We stopped by at Bidor town for our lunch. At 2.00pm, considered having lunch, we still seen many peoples flocking around. My favorite duck mee delicacy was out! $%$#^!@#


Treasure Hunt @ Swiss Garden Damai Laut


Damai Laut is my new fascinating destination that I never dream on. However, Treasure Hunt has brought me over there to enjoy such an exclusive getaway place of a serene holiday.

Code Red 2 Hunt 2009

Swiss Garden Damai Laut

18th April 2009

This is my third treasure hunt and my second time being a navigator. The destination is Swiss Garden Damai Laut.


Ipoh Trip 2009


An unplanned trip to Ipoh this year. Originally, I was thinking to visit Ipoh together with nearby tourist area such as tea boh farm and hot spring. This capital of Perak is located 200km from KL. In the past, I was just passed by this city without really go around. It has been 4 years since my last trip to Ipoh. I start my journey at 8am from KL.

Ipoh Old Town Trip

7-8 March 2009

What is so interesting about Ipoh? As the capital is well-known on its own history, it’s has been made famous by the food like bean sprout chicken rice. I’m not sure whether it’s originated from here, however, it had been long associated with.

I drive along the old trunk road which save me toll payment about RM24.60. This cost is about half tank of my petrol. I don’t mind driving the slower road but I do care about the volume of vehicles on the road. It just get on my nerve.

Since it’s already lunch time at 11.30am when I reach, I settle down my lunch at famous Ipoh Chicken Rice stall. Yummy. But no pictures here. LoL. I’m not into food blogging. Keke.


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