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Bukit Ketumbar (Ketumbar Hill) Leisure Hike


A BIG surprise if you compare Bukit Ketumbar with similar hill in KL Cheras area. You may not expect the trek can be completed lesser than an hour. You can forget of having guide to the peak, but having an experience people that hiked before would be an ideal choice. The path is clear and directive.

29 Jan 2011 | Bukit Ketumbar Leisure Hike

Bukit Ketumbar is just a hill for local resident to have their daily morning exercise. However, with social networking ability to spread the place to no boundaries, nowadays, the place is crowded especially during weekend.

Hiking this hill is kind of leisure hike which I’d fond to it lately. It’s located not far from my house, roughly 3km. The entrance is just a 5 minutes walk from Ketumbar Height Condo.

Car park is FREE on side road but once it’s FULL, you have no choice but to park in designated parking area with fees. Stalls selling fruits and drink are available along the entrance.


Gunung Datuk – A Training Ground


A year after my success in conquered legendary Gunung Datuk, I’m UP to the top mountain again! It’s different expectation after I’ve successfully completed few major tough mountains since a year.

Expedition to Gunung Datuk @ Rembau

17 November 2010

Many people around me talking about this mountain whereas it was well known as good training ground for Mt Kinabalu. Many hikers (beginner) would like to give a try here.

Facilities for car park was well built compare to last year. However, toilet & shower was still a big disappointment because water tap is not working for most and dirty. But it was FREE … what to do?

Tough is moderate, most likely can be reach the top within 2 hours plus.


Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus


After completed few mountains in a row, I found that Gunung Angsi is one of the easiest mountain to trek. The reason why I say so is because the well-developed trail and good direction given along the route, made easy for everyone to hike, even for beginner.

23 Jan 2011 | Gunung Angsi (Mount Angsi)

Unlike many mountain which was crowded with human long queue in the jungle, this mountain offered much better nature disposition and peacefulness.

Located at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, the real entrance of Mount Angsi trekking is actually started from Ulu Bendol Recreational Park. However, I was brought via another entrance called Bukit Putus.

With height of 825 meter (2,702 feet), it took me about 3 hours to reach the peak. The peak offered a good view surrounding and can view few popular mountains from far.

Gunung Angsi, an easy mountain by information source, in fact a challenging place for trekkers who underestimate its toughness side.


Gunung GAP & Ulu Semangkok


A new expedition for mountain hiking came with a misty, windy and coolie at Gunung GAP & Ulu Semangkok at start of the year 2011. Two mountains conquered in one trail made my checklist go faster.

8 Jan 2011 | Gunung GAP & Ulu Semangkok

These mountains are located at Fraser Hill and required no longer than a day to complete it. This trip was organized by the famous hiker cum recce master for us to have chance to explore the serenity of the mountains at the same time testing our passion for hiking.

As a dedicated hiker of myself this year, I put a line of mountains list to be completed by year 2011. And gratefully, it was started with awesome highlands weather. Never in my hiking life, was the weather so cooling, misty and windy. Tiredness or exhausting was out of my sight for 6 hours hiking in total.


Bukit Saga (Saga Hill) Hiking


Saga Hill is not a stranger to many hikers. In fact, this place was used as training base for Mount KK. The slope, terrain and steepness are what they’re looking for.

Bukit Saga (Saga Hill) Weekend Hiking

Located merely lesser than 2km from my house, this round was my third hike in here. A revisited trip has striker my interest further towards Bukit Saga. Indeed, a hill with many different routes leading to the peak and many stations to stop by for a complete journey.

I’ve yet to explore via Cheras Awana, mainly from Taman Saga entrance. There is limited parking space in playground field. Many advise to park at shop lot parking at Jalan Saga 20 and walk about 5 min to the starting point.


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