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Bukit Kembara a.k.a Bukit Indah


Bukit Kembara is a moderate hill for leisure hiking especially for beginner who seeking for easy-peasy hike. Located in the green lung next to Taman Bukit Indah, this hill is not that popular enough but one should consider it because the difficulty level is rate as LOW.

13 Jul 2013 | Bukit Kembara (aka Bukit Indah)

Never imagine the reward of the hike would be an awesome reservoir view which I don’t think many hill would able to offer this, especially around KL.

An old but active reservoir called Ampang Impounding Reservoir was one of the earliest waterworks constructed in 1892. This location is fondly known to nature lovers as Bukit Indah.

KL Hiking group was the sole organizer for this hike. Again, I followed them to discover my first hike on this hill.


Tabur Hill – West Route


I never get tired of Tabur Hill, but nowadays I really focus on completing more new mountains. My latest attempt on Tabur Hill was last year, on West route which gave an old memory recall since 5 years back. Huh? Am I recalled my first ever hike in my life?

Tabur West (Bukit Tabur)

West route, is the most basic route when people talk about Tabur Hill, a hill with amazing view but dangerous enough if you fear of height. Satisfaction was priceless when you step on every unblocking view of the surrounding.

Yeah, a short of 10 minutes of steep hiking from the entrance can give you a very first introduction of what Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) can offer to you.


Gunung Datuk – A mountain for everyone


I did 3 times Gunung Datuk in these 3 years. Gunung Datuk, a very good hiking ground for many hikers now, is equipped with better signboard and facilities. Many without doubt, would give a try as it was only 2-3 hours to touch the peak surrounded by 360 degrees view.

Gunung DatukA mountain for everyone

To make entire hiking experience interesting, one must form a group of interested hikers who wanted to try out this mountain, no matter their first time or re-attempt again. It was fun hiking together.

Exactly what I did in my third attempt at Gunung Datuk. I went with a group of casual hikers. They’re not new to hiking but rather to find something useful to achieve on this public holiday.

I was shocked to learn that the fees has risen to RM5 per person from RM3 last time. We need to jot down our name and contact number and this list is going to send to police station for record, in case any casualties, it brings rescuer job easier.

A good place for hiking is getting pricier, forget about the travel cost from KL – Rembau alone.


Saga Hill – Route B


For a very first time I hiked Saga Hill, I did the Route A. There are 3 other routes (B, C, & D) to complete Saga hill-hiking series which known as much tougher and challenging.

Saga Hill (Bukit Saga)Route B

In my last Saga Hill post, I vowed to come back to complete the other trails. Route A was the most popular and majority hikers would choose. It can be fun to hike together instead alone venturing into alternative way to reach the peak.

I hardly find people go up at Route A and back from Route B, as during my hike, I was alone all the way up.


Re-test stamina @ Bukit Puchong


It’s surprise for some of folks who lived in Puchong who doesn’t know Bukit Puchong exist. Even for myself in KL, doesn’t know its existence until people share their hiking pictures. My curiosity arose.

Bukit Puchong

Synonym with Bukit Puchong, the name of this hill was given because the geographical location at Puchong area. The exact name is Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Puchong. It’s not a tough hill to hike, anyone with the passion of hiking should explore this place.

The uniqueness of this hill was the location. Under the rapid development of every piece of land in Puchong, you still can find such a woodland available for hiking. Normally I need to travel long hour to get a descent good place for hiking. But this was not the case.

I have hike this hill for few times. Hence this post is going to be a compilation from all few experiences.

The main entrance located at Jalan Wawasan 5/1 with GPS co-ordination here (Google Maps). You will find many car parks on road side, mostly with the reason of hiking.  It’s kinda pack on weekend. But parking is not an issue here.


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