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Gunung Datuk – A Legendary Mountain


Many hikers might attempt Gunung Datuk (Mount Datuk) mountain in preparation for Gunung Kinabalu real challenge. But not many know that this is mountain is a legendary mountain by the history.

Gunung Datuk (Mount Datuk)

Back to time where Negeri Sembilan was ruled by Minangkabau, this mountain is used by local people to gather and choose their leader.

You may ask why there is a FOOTPRINT at the summit on the boulder. Myth stated that it was belong to legendary warrior Hang Tuah which used to move one place to another place by jumping mountain to mountain. (Source from WikiTravel).

My FOURTH time to hike this legendary mountain and the best timing I achieved among all. I took 1.5 hour to touch the base peak. Started at 8.30am, reached at 1st check-point (rest area) at 9.10am and subsequent base peak at 10.00am.


Gunung Datuk – A mountain for everyone


I did 3 times Gunung Datuk in these 3 years. Gunung Datuk, a very good hiking ground for many hikers now, is equipped with better signboard and facilities. Many without doubt, would give a try as it was only 2-3 hours to touch the peak surrounded by 360 degrees view.

Gunung DatukA mountain for everyone

To make entire hiking experience interesting, one must form a group of interested hikers who wanted to try out this mountain, no matter their first time or re-attempt again. It was fun hiking together.

Exactly what I did in my third attempt at Gunung Datuk. I went with a group of casual hikers. They’re not new to hiking but rather to find something useful to achieve on this public holiday.

I was shocked to learn that the fees has risen to RM5 per person from RM3 last time. We need to jot down our name and contact number and this list is going to send to police station for record, in case any casualties, it brings rescuer job easier.

A good place for hiking is getting pricier, forget about the travel cost from KL – Rembau alone.


Gunung Datuk – A Training Ground


A year after my success in conquered legendary Gunung Datuk, I’m UP to the top mountain again! It’s different expectation after I’ve successfully completed few major tough mountains since a year.

Expedition to Gunung Datuk @ Rembau

17 November 2010

Many people around me talking about this mountain whereas it was well known as good training ground for Mt Kinabalu. Many hikers (beginner) would like to give a try here.

Facilities for car park was well built compare to last year. However, toilet & shower was still a big disappointment because water tap is not working for most and dirty. But it was FREE … what to do?

Tough is moderate, most likely can be reach the top within 2 hours plus.


Photoshoot @ Gunung Datuk, Rembau


This will be my first photoshoot posting here. It was taken at the top of Gunung Datuk and uttermost HIGH that time. Everything comes good and feel good. Both of them are well-known in my blog,  Chee May and Susan.

Photoshoot @ Gunung Datuk


Hill-hiking @ Gunung Datuk, Rembau


Gunung Datuk is a mountain with height of 880 meters (2900 feets) from sea level and is my first mountain hiking (approximately 3 hours – included rest) so far. My best achievement in doing what so call mountain and is located at Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

Gunung Datuk @ Rembau

31 August 2009

It wasn’t plan early but a group of enthusiastic outdoor peoples suggested and agreed on the place few weeks earlier. I was dragged into leading my group even though everybody was first time here. I’m still enjoying being an organizer anyway.

How to get there?


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