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Genting Themepark 2010


It was a very rare occasion whereby we went for both outdoor & indoor theme park together. It’s a ONE day trip and it’s damn tired and sick. However, the gain is equivalent worth. Read on to see why.

Genting Theme Park 2010

9 January 2010

In the early morning, we drove up to Genting Skyway after gathered at a place. It was a good and relaxes feeling. We reached there an hour later. After park the car, we get into the cable car platform and voila … we were inside and the gondola was pick up slowly. It took 15 minutes to reach the peak.


Genting Highlands 2009


Genting Highlands is not an anonymous name for Malaysian. It has been kept us entertain since our kids age. Also a good vacation place in Malaysia, no matter where you come from.

Genting Highlands

May 2009

It’s a worth place to visit, no matter stay overnight or not, you’ll never find it boring. If I could have one week stay here, I probably had my good time here. Nevertheless, I planned one day trip with Lily in conjunction of our first year.


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