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Bukit Gasing Forest Park (Gasing Hill)


This was an unplanned trip. Initially I was planning to bring my friends to Tabur Hill hiking, however, due to bad weather, we switched to PJ Hill, namely Gasing Hill. Although the weather was pretty same, here got shelter from heavy rain. Therefore, three of us end up hiking at Bukit Gasing (Gasing Hill).

Second Attempt to Gasing Hill

22 May 2010

This hill has become my favorite hill recently. I started to like this hill due to its uniqueness in term of located in the middle of housing area and not isolated like what other forest tends to be. Yes, I admitted this jungle still remains untouched but how long it will remain, it’s still become a big question.

My second attempt to Gasing Hill last weekend was rather fruitful and satisfied. As you know my first hike was rather simple and short route in which took only 30 minutes to complete it. I wasn’t enough but never mind, I told myself to try for second time and onwards. Yea, finally did it.


Gasing Hill, The Beginning


Gasing Hill forest park (known as Hutan Pendidikan Bukit Gasing) is one of the KL’s best nature walks. It’s not a tough hiking, perhaps available few path for you to choose from. It was once a rubber plantation left idle for half century, the course of nature has overtaken the hillsides and produces a lush secondary forest with large tropical trees.

Gasing Hill (Bukit Gasing)

9 May 2010

This is my first attempt on this trail. The path is excellent for walking and exercise. Many people from come to the park to get another view of nature or just getting fit with climbs and normal walks. From the main entrance, there is a small trail leading to watch tower and wooden bridges over a small stream.

I came with DarkOne Sr who leads us to the trail. These trails were not so difficult for me and can complete in less than an hour for the simplest trail.


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