FGS Dong Zen Temple CNY Lantern & Flora Festival 2011 is a place where many visitors would flock during CNY period. This year seems to be slowing down compare to last year. However, it didn’t deterred my decision to visit this place annually for 4th years.

Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zhen Temple

6 Feb 2011 | CNY Lantern & Flora Festival

1Malaysia Spirit

FGS Dong Zen definitely not an anonymous place for many Malaysian during Chinese New Year. Due to lack of promotion effort from media, the crowd was less than expected. Many choose to come here for sight-seeing, photography, family outing or even dating.

Once a year decoration effort has put FGS Dong Zen into main attraction to whole Malaysian. No doubt, the decoration was real unique each year and too hard to resist from taking photography for memories.

Located at Jenjarom, you can reach this place from KESAS highway, Banting Klang exit. If you come from Bukit Jalil, you need to fork out RM6.60 toll fees in total. From the exit, you just follow the signboard for about 15km distance to the destination.