SKYTREX Adventure is the latest addition of outdoor activity in which will take participants from tree to tree like Tarzan via series of aerial obstacles at the height of 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. It’s bringing you the height that you never reached before throughout the series of canopy. Enjoy the freedom of flying in the air like nobody else.

Skytrek Adventure – Extreme Challenge

Jan 2010

To join this activity, one has to fully book the slots at least two weeks before (from my experience). For big group booking, one has to book at least more than one month before the actual date.

Mine was planned more than one month ago. Initially, only 5 peoples joining me, but has increased to 23 peoples in total, making a huge unexpected group. I took the earliest possible slot to prevent over-crowded in the afternoon. I’d gone through this during my Big Thrill.