A long waiting for fruit king was finally paid off with my last visit to Krau, Pahang. A very delicious and expensive Musang King was part of the menu is available ala buffet (eat all you can). A short trip to Fraser Hill was done after the fiesta for sight-seeing and lunch before we go back to KL.

Jalan-Jalan Cari Durian (Durian Hunting Day Trip)

Although durian season is over, but my last trip for durian hunting was a fruitful one. Having one or two in KL is going to hurt my pocket. Hey! This fruit how come look like luxury item by the price? It should come cheap as we’re the large producer for durian. Don’t you agree?

To counter this, I knew from a friend that we can actually opt for an orchard visit for durian, pay for a fix amount and eat all you can. We booked through a friend network and they reserved a basket for us. Normally they’ll transport it out via lorry if no reservation done. Else you can buy from road side where the stalls stand. Bargaining starts from there.