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Cactus Garden @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia


My previous visits with Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam (a.k.a Taman Pertanian Malaysia) were about SkyTrek and cycling activities. In fact, many place yet to be discovered with only half day here.

18 Dec 2010 | Cactus Garden @ Bukit Cahaya

Normally, you guys will associate this place with cycling but other than cycling, there are much more hardcore activities going on here such as paintball, skytrek and etc.

If you’re too lazy to walk along the way, just rent a bicycle for RM5 for first hour, subsequent RM1 per hour. Would you rather move on the wheel?

I’ve been invited for this for fun cycling. But I won’t be here for just cycling because I simply love to explore. Explore new place is a BIG must. I recalled a place where the cactus plant resides. Yea, it’s CACTUS GARDEN.

To go here, just follow the signboard available there, it’s same route with SkyTrek direction and further until the end.


A Cycling Trip @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia


Taman Pertanian Malaysia is always synonym with cycling activity. I used to cycle during my childhood day where I started to learn how to cycle. This was the place where I exercise my cycling skill. I remember I was once fall down and it gave me a bad memories and therefore wouldn’t want to cycle for some time until I learn how to drive 4 wheels vehicle.

Weekend Cycling @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam

April 2010

Again, I’m back to Taman Pertanian Malaysia also known as Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam not for SkyTrek-ing but cycling. Together with all my ex-colleagues and friends, we all reached the entrance at 9.00am. This was not a well plan but a quick spread. We had almost 14 peoples in our group, a bit tough to identify each one’s need.

We were not the earliest batch to reach, for bicycle rental, there was a long queue and almost all bicycle being grab by people. I was fortunate enough to secure 14 bicycles for my group. All of us were so excited when took our bicycle and test the height and air pressure. The expression of those who were still lining up is really impatient.


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