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Annual Gathering 2010


Compare to last year (3-in-1 DC Hilarious Nitez), this year we make it rather casual and relaxing. We all agreed to officially launch our first edition of Annual Gathering in year 2010, to conclude the year in fashionable way.

11-12 Dec 2010 | Annual Gathering 2010

Our strong bonding proved it all. Our final decision making our way to Bukit Tinggi was made a month ago. A good and smooth planning contributing the successful of the trip planned. To make things interesting and colorful, we made a visit to Colmar Tropicale French Village.

Our accommodation is Selesa Hill Resort where we had 2 units of 3-bedrooms (up to 12 pax). The cost is reasonable at RM300 each unit, equivalent to RM50 per pax). The place was totally suit our needs, with privacy, cooling air and spacious. Our room all are clean and neat, bringing up our Home-Sweet-Home feel.


Day Trip @ Bukit Tinggi


Bukit Tinggi is a famous tourist spot in Malaysia which is located on mountain in state of Pahang. It can be found along the way to Kuantan via Karak Highway. I’ve never been there, therefore I was quite anticipated about this place.

Day Trip @ Bukit Tinggi

6 June 2010

Frankly say, my short visit to Bukit Tinggi has been a fruitful moment. I called it a day for me and my dear for our second year. In fact, we had delayed a week of two due to unavailability. So at last, we managed to set off a day trip in a short planning.

That day, the weather was indeed good and bright. Sky was blue, wind was breeze and heart was at cloud nine. LOL. Pardon me. I drove up to the hill, after exiting at Berjaya Hill Resort signboard along Karak Highway. According to my GPS, there were another 11km to go before reaching Colmar Village. So, don’t panic whether you’re on right track.


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