By having to complete this route, I’ve concluded my series of Saga & Apeh Hill hiking which have many entrances and route mainly from Station 1 to Station 6 (Apeh Hill) and Route A to D (Saga Hill). How unique isn’t it?

Apeh Hill via Cheras Awana

To complete Saga Hill is not about up to the peak and to complete Apeh Hill is not about up to the waterfall. All must cover all the routes available in the map as possible. Having all the routes in ONE day was tough although not impossible, giving a full day from morning until evening to do this.

From my experiences to climb Apeh Hill started from Saga’s peak where it’s connected via Station 6 & 5 throughout the waterfall site. Later my experience told me there’s another route connected to Station 6 & 5, where is the 4, 3, 2 & 1? All these stations are well-crossed if you came from Cheras Awana.