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Gunung Angsi – A Training Ground


Not too long ago since I’ve completed this mountain, I’ve geared up to attempt it again on same route as my training ground. It’s definitely not as easiest mountain to trek via Bukit Putus.

22 Oct 2011 | Gunung Angsi – A Training Ground

The reason I said so because I took 5.5 hours in 12.6km to complete the whole journey. A recent overgrown and few landslides along the way really made me think thrice if I ever go again in future.

Alternatively, there are another two routes which comes from Ulu Bendol Recreational Park (which entrance fees of RM5 applied) and via Panjang R&R.

My visit to Gunung Angsi this round was took longer than usual, due to overgrown ferny plant which slowing down my movement. But I was made aware there was a group came here 2 weeks before me via ferny trail. That’s why I was confident this route still available.


Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus


After completed few mountains in a row, I found that Gunung Angsi is one of the easiest mountain to trek. The reason why I say so is because the well-developed trail and good direction given along the route, made easy for everyone to hike, even for beginner.

23 Jan 2011 | Gunung Angsi (Mount Angsi)

Unlike many mountain which was crowded with human long queue in the jungle, this mountain offered much better nature disposition and peacefulness.

Located at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, the real entrance of Mount Angsi trekking is actually started from Ulu Bendol Recreational Park. However, I was brought via another entrance called Bukit Putus.

With height of 825 meter (2,702 feet), it took me about 3 hours to reach the peak. The peak offered a good view surrounding and can view few popular mountains from far.

Gunung Angsi, an easy mountain by information source, in fact a challenging place for trekkers who underestimate its toughness side.


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