Gong Xi Fa Cai 2009


DeXXy.Net is wishing everybody “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and prosperous year in this Cow Year.  I’ll be back to elder uncle house for reunion dinner as usual. Chinese people take Chinese New Year very seriously, particularly a big family re-union and the food is always the most important. This has been practise since I was born.

Tomorrow morning, again we all will be gather at uncle house for early lunch in the morning to wish each other Gong Xi Fa Cai and receive red packet. Soon after that, we start our personal visiting to others.

It’s a tradition that we all still practicing until now.

Sungai Gabai Waterfall


Sungai Gabai Waterfall is located at the district of Hulu Langat. The waterfalls have few falls which cascade down over 100 meters. Apart from swimming and picnicking, wading in the river among the rocks and boulders can be an exciting outing for the whole family.

As I love weekend outing, this weekend is kind of special. It’s a place where I never been before and very scenic in Hulu Langat district. If you come from Kajang, you should follow the road sign to Hulu Langat or Pangsun.

The distance is about 25km from KL. My group is form of 5 peoples included me. They all car pool with me and we started our journey at 7.30am. Kinda early but actually it’s better. The place is not yet get crowded at this hour.


Snippet 210109


Badminton Closed 2008/09

A happening weekend with my colleagues last Saturday. I was having a tournament @ The Challenger Sport Centre in the morning. The match is like normal training match. I don’t feel pressure as I just play with my heart. My passionate is still there. It was a knock out game and quite satisfactory with my performance even I didn’t win.

With participation of RM10, I’m entitled with a T-shirt and 2 meals for the day. If I manage to win, I have to play on Sunday as well. Then, 4 meal included. In fact, it was heavily sponsor by the club. Worth it right?

The Challenger Sport Centre

The court is quite nice and clean. I play at this centre every Sat with my usual gang. All of us have improvement since the first day. I trained with them before I go for match that day. It’s a surprise that I manage to cope with my endless energy! Thanks to my regular training at California Centre.

After match, me and Teh decided to give a visit a career fair with Jian and MK. We reached there at 4.30pm.

MCTF 2009 by JobStreet.com

It’s quite effective to look after a job in this fair and able to learn what’s hot in the market. The market for professional worker is on high demand. Engineering and specialist seems to be dominate the entire fair.

We wandered around the mall as CNY is coming nearer, we wish to buy something for ourselves. Jian got bring digicam, so we took photos along the outing.

MidValley Chinese New Year decoration is superb. I haven’t go for others yet, but I believe each of them got their own attraction. We tried to go each of the outlet and departmental store but yet found nothing to buy.

We all go back after the dinner at Ipoh Chicken Rice shop. A simple weekend yet happening and remembered.

FRIM weekend outing


Weekend hiking has become my daily routine since I wanted to keep my stamina on-going. This week is kinda different due to my colleagues decided to join me as I always talk about my weekend activity. That’s FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia).

Waterfall @ FRIM

In year 2008, I visited FRIM for more than 10 times. Compare to 2 years ago which is my first time to FRIM, we were bring around by a guide. The place is so strange to me that time. But not nowadays. It’s my routine outing during the weekend.

Carpark is FREE at outside the entrance. If want to drive into FRIM, you need to pay RM5 per car (included driver) and RM1 per person as entrance fees.

Since all my colleagues never been here, I had become a guide to them. It’s fun bringing them to this relaxation place.

Me, Teh, Mun Kit, Simon, Michelle and Lily had joined me. It’s rather easy for some of us as it’s merely took an hour to complete it. Teh is my team member during Eco-Challenge 3 months ago. He is tough in physical stamina, and such hiking look easy for him. In fact, he is looking for a more challenging place. Ermm.

You know what is the purpose for this outing? Simon wanted to train on the stamina before going to Taman Negara (National Park) in this coming March. Not bad since I manage to find more hiking kakis at this moment.

Let’s choose our next hiking destination then. See you there.

Taman Rimba Ampang


Taman Rimba Ampang

28 December 2008

It’s located far away at the end of Jln Ampang. In fact, if you drive until the end of Jln Ampang, you will discover the road name change to Jalan Bukit Belacan. As long as the road is connected, drive until you see this entrance.

Welcome to Taman Rimba Ampang. It’s really an escape to the city next door. Not much can expected. Parking fees is RM2 and entrance fee is RM1 per person.

Even the road is paved, public vehicle is not allow to enter. Probably to keep the air fresh from carbon monoxide.

The water stream flow nicely. It’s real and no doubt as Hulu Langat forest is popular with beautiful scenic.

Taking off your shoes and walk on the water give a cold walk. Even with sitting nearby also feel the comfort.

If you’re ready to dip onto water, be prepare with your clothes to change.

I found nothing can be tell here except the scenic view of nature rocky river. Visitors who visit for just running or jogging don’t even bother with the scenic.

Kids and teenagers are enjoying themselves dipping in the cold pool. Some even perform stunt to outperform their buddies.

Just hang around and enjoy the old forest.

I came at 8am and it’s still early and quiet until 10am, peoples started coming with picnic stuffs. It’s perfect place for picnic with such a nice landscaped grounds.

In conclusion, Ampang Rimba Park is perfect for bird lover, jogger and picnicker.

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