FGS Dong Zen Temple 2009


Year 2009 is witnessing FGS Dong Zen become one of the most attractive spot during Chinese New Year. One of the main attraction is “The OX of Prosperity Lantern” which draw a lot of people towards it.

FGS Dong Zen Temple

31 January 2009

It’s my second time visit to FGS (since 2007). It’s crowded with peoples on Saturday evening. Due to the crowd, many peoples just sit around due to lack of fresh air. Imagine the bumper-to-bumper walk.

I used the route from KESAS highway from KL start from Bukit Jalil. I paid RM6.60 at 3 plaza tolls before I reach Banting Klang (Pandaraman Interchange).


Taman Botanikal Melaka


Taman Botanikal Melaka (Malacca Botanical Garden) is one of the interesting place in Melaka with the relaxing place in mind. It’s known as Hutan Rekreasi Air Keroh before it changed the name to Taman Botanikal Melaka. Its started develop in stages involve the entrance, carpark and nearby flower garden.

Taman Botanikal Melaka

It’s a new place to visit as it was develop from existing park into total new landscape. As I never visit this place before, I found it’s total a new place for me to explore. I manage to explore entire of the park due even though it’s raining during my visit.

Carpark is FREE. One can do a picnic in a dedicated area.

A welcome landscape of waterfall at the entrance.

Need to walk about 1km before reaching first destination.

In fact, the botanical garden have few sections, one of it is Pre Historic Garden. This park is created to replicate the pre historic dinosaurs in 70 million years ago. About 15 types of stone replica can been seen in this nature landscape.

Me with Stegosaurus replica.

Lily with dinosaur eggs.

Then comes with local story park (Taman Cerita). One of the most popular story tales is Rabbit and Tortoise racing.

The crow and the pot. The intelligence of the crow enable him to drink the water from the pot by putting stones into pot.

The entire place is not that big nor small. However, it’s enough for exercising and make you feel hot. The good thing is all the interesting place is very easy to find with a helpful signboard.

Hanging bridge (Jambatan Gantung).

Kampung Buku Malaysia.

Muzium Perhutanan Melaka.

Even though people come to jog and camp at this place, however, it’s truly suitable for tourist and hobbyist like me. A trekking route together with forest tree (some remain untouched) is really unique. On side by side, there are many flowers planted included orchids.

I never regret to come to this place. I’ll be here again as I believe it has more to offer in the coming development. It has changed and suit the name of Botanical Garden of Melaka. It’s worth to pay a visit.

Credit card cancellation


Finally, I’d my first credit card canceled after 4 years owning it. As it was a proud of owning one when I started working. My financial by then is up and down. To unassociated it is become harder as I have more than 10 active cards. It’s damn scary and I don’t know why I have been dragged into situation like this.

However, I shall treat the cards as a discounted card. Need more focus in building up my wise in spending and accumulating reward point. Some cards provide non expiry reward point, which is good for long term.

That’s my criteria to having a permanent primary card. Recently, I was charged for annual fees (which is not waivable) and I find it truly unfavorable for me. I’m quite fedup and understand that it’s a price to pay for this stupid plastic card.

Hence, I start to cancel my credit card! Here I am.

Postgraduate studies


Wawasan 0pen University (WOU) is a non-profit open learning institution in Malaysia. If you ever thinking of pursuing to higher education, WOU is a place for you to continue your study via Open Distance Learning (ODL).

This university is provide equal opportunities for all working adults that wish to pursue higher and various skills in their job assignment. It also a key for self-promotion in your career.

Let’s start with myself. I got my degree @ 2006 in MY and graduate @ 2007 in SG which I study via distance learning. With a degree, I can easily reach the level that I want in my job, however, I feel that I lack of some knowledge that require me to perform confidently in my job.

That’s management skills. For this reason, I’m very keen in their MBA course, CeMBA (Commonwealth Executive MBA) and enrolled for next Jan intake.

Everybody also can perform a task with necessary knowledge. But how about skills in managing the task? To make it successful, I need to know how to manage a project, more than I want to just complete a task. Job satisfaction is comes from this area, at least for me.

As I graduated with IT skills and knowledge, I know I’d lack of this skills. More nevertheless, by crook or by hook, one has to start a junior level before moving up to take up more ascertain task that required management skill. By becoming a project manager (even a little one) is my ambition and also my achievement that giving me a some satisfaction.

WoU FactorWawasan 0pen University.

For the reason, I decided to pursue my higher study @ Master level, named Commonwealth Executive Master in Business Administration. (CeMBA). With my working experiences exceeded 4 years, I believe I could able to relate the real corporate world with the study methodology.

I went to their an open day on 19th Oct 2008 at the KL Regional office. When I first step into the building, it just give a very comfortable feeling. The receptionist is very friendly and quickly attend my registration.

I was brief on the university surrounding from lab to classroom and finally their library. The study environment is just astonishing. The open day presentation is held at one of the classroom. The topic covers the degree courses as well as master courses and how it was evaluate and benefit to working adult like me.

I consider myself  as lucky as when I was pick as one of three lucky draw as a closing of presentation. It consists of a mug, a T-shirt, pewter business card holder and a notepad. It just made my day. We were directed into small refreshment. Not bad, it filled my stomach for lunch that day.

On 18 Jan 2009, I was invited to attend Orientation for new student like me. The event started from 8.30am until 4.30pm. We meet each other on the same course even though this event is meant to all courses. We exchanged contact information for future collaboration.

We were brief about the ODL concept and how do we manage our time to cater for long life education. It’s not a normal orientation day that we had in our old day school but rather a more corporate level orientation that we had in our career. Tea break and lunch were served during the event.

The day is mark special in my calendar due to I start my school again. I know this road is going to be tough but I’m very persistent that I’ll be able to make it with support from my dear. My life is not going to complete without all the plan going at the moment.

Career, relationship, education and finance are top of my list. It’s promising a leap in my life if I manage it in proper. Here I comes, a new responsibility that bring myself in another greater level.

Taman Rama-Rama Melaka


Taman Rama-Rama Melaka is one of the sanctuary that houses butterflies and insects in the world. More than 200 local species included the rare species such as Rajah Brooke and Birdwing. Other than that, they are more than 400 collection of insects.

Taman Rama-Rama (Melaka)

Butterfly Park in Melaka is one of the few places I visit during my stay in Melaka. It’s just located after Ayer Keroh toll. You have to turn to the left after the toll OR pay attention to the signboard once you paid your toll.

Carpark is FREE. Entrance fees is RM6 for adult and RM3 for your camera!

The weather during my visit is okay, just a bit of raining. Not many peoples at that time although it was a holiday. Perhaps once in every 10 years as my last visit is almost a decade.

A group of butterfly sucking the juice from orange and pineapple slices.

In fact, there are many local species and rare species is very hard to find.

A beautiful species here.

It’s very concentrate on its meal until not aware that we have taken 2 pictures already with close gap.

A koi pond which I think is a must in such beautiful landscape. Compliment to the nature.

Other than normal butterflies that we expected, there are many unexpected could be seen. One of it is weird frog which look alike robotic. Geezzz.

America Alligator is damn dangerous compare to asian crocs.

I suddenly think that whether should I visit Crocodile Farm in my next destination since they had their own section here and wondering what the need to have a special park dedicated to them.

Can I have Bear Park or Tiger Park?

What a leopard is going to do in Butterfly Park and Reptilians? To make RM6 entrance fees worth enough?

Malayan Tapir can be found in some forested habitat. It can be seen actively during the night. I like tapir due to the color scheme equal to panda.

Asian tortoise is the largest inhabiting Asia and fourth largest in the world.

Turtle is coming after the tortoise. One is land and one is water.

Through out the park, I noticed some reptiles in their own cage with different species from different countries.

Butterfly exhibition room is in final section. This indoor section with a massive collection of insects in dead form.

The park is an imitation of the butterfly’s natural habitat in overall. So, if you want to come to the Taman Rama-Rama, Melaka (Butterfly Farm, Melaka), make sure to bring camera as it’s worth to bring back some wonderful shots.

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