Steamboat @ Manjalara


A popular steamboat restaurant at Manjalara, Kepong. Me and the entire colleague team went for ‘makan-makan’ (eating) in conjunction with Chinese New Year atmosphere. The cost per person is RM14, a very standard price for most of the steamboat eateries.

Seafood and vegetables are so fresh as what you look in the picture below.

Maybe the color is cheating you but the fresh feel is real.

Sate is one of the popular food in Malaysia, especially in Kajang. Good taste when eat together with sauce, cucumber and onion slices.

Girl group, don’t know why since when taking pictures also like this, can’t mix one. I thought lunch only practicing such way. Sigh.

Guys group, actually we have gender equality finally, compare to the time I joined which is 1:5 ratio.

After steamboat dinner, all of us went to Aaron’s house for mahjong and poker.

Gym Relocation


Finally, the gym that I go not quite frequent will be moving to Lot 10 start from 11 Mar until 25 Mar 2009. Within this period, whoever is holding home membership can continue to workout at Mid Valley or Sunway Pyramid outlet as a complementary choice.

It is a GREAT NEWS to know that the new outlet will be having a 5 star swimming pool facility nearby. I can swim and will swim very often. My membership will end at Jan 2011 and it’s still long to go.

There is a walk distance from my office to Lot 10 which will take 10 minutes estimation. I’m not sure whether it’s a good or not but then I believe the MSC facility is definitely need an upgrade and renovation.

Hope to see new environment soon.

The Mines Wonderland


The Mines Wonderland is a theme-park with variety of entertainment and with numerous multi-colored night light. It was built on former mining pool and has various attraction such as laser show, musical fountain, snow house and a wide range of water sport activities on the lake.

The Mines Wonderland

15 February 2009

It has been a long while since my last visit, probably more than 10 years ago. My visit this time is just for fun and coincidentally on the Valentines Day mood with my dear. After many years, my curiosity has built up.

The entrance has moved to the amphitheater side, so we need to walk a distance to reach there.

Price for an adult is RM35 with senior citizen is RM25 and child is RM23. Kind of expensive and the park is not live up its expectation. No wonder not many visitors on the weekend. I thought something should be going wrong.

Nevertheless, you still seeing some beautiful landscape catered for Chinese New Year and Flora Festival that still going on.

What I notice at the first is roller coaster is no longer there. The winter house is no longer have snow however, the temperature is still maintain as before. It’s no longer called Snow House but Four Season Garden.

The current season is Spring. Winter is already over, so no snow.

Among all, I found that this small tower is the best!

From the entrance towards the park, I saw Coin Garden. This garden houses local coins and some foreign coins. Local coins from 1 cent until 1 ringgit. The coin is not small, almost as tall as an adult.

My most favorite RM1 gold coin which is no longer use in Malaysia.

One of the big foreign coin.

On the lakeside, there is Giant Dragon Sculpture. I find it new and interesting.

Does dragon tortoise represent anything? I don’t know.

At night, the light will shine those dragons. It become an antique look.

I stumble upon this unknown park which housing various animal statues such as bear, deer, elephant, pigeon and etc. It’s actually an abandon mini golf in landscaped park.

Mural that getting tear off. Originally very nice and real but spoil totally.

Nothing can beat this dirty water. Aiksss…FYI…I took a photo here a decade ago. Up-to-date, it wasn’t even one change!

The Secrets of Tiger is just an exhibition with lots of picture and fact articles.

A giant tiger statue in front of its house.

Garden Boat is located opposite tiger’s house and had a dominating ride there. Nobody is riding except both of us.

This birdcage-like boat takes you on a cruise along a 200 metres canal.

Canal water is moving slowly and we enjoy green environment very much.

The park is housing various kinds of animals and it scattered around in their cages. Statue animal can be found as well. Some of the special species of tigers, peacocks and parrots are having their own park and section.

Light Fantasy On Water with giant animated aquatic animals decorated with numerous multi-colored lights floats proudly on the lakeside.

Axe moon shape at night.

Vriesea & Topiary Garden.

Vintage Car is where you can drive it along and round the fish pond where you can experience nostalgic moments. Nearby the station, there is a fish feeding on mostly koi.

Musical Fountain is one of the attraction that still represent Mines Wonderful uniqueness in local tourism. Incorporating light, musical and water, the “water dance” is a spectacular sight.

Laser show is also available with multimedia presentation. Magic show comes after that. I started to become boring and go back after the show.

Restaurant and other cafe facilities are maintain so so and not many varieties. More places is worth to visit such as Road Tram, Unity Fountain,  Unity Train, White Kingdom and etc.

Dell Vostro 1200

Dell Vostro 1200 is my first ever laptop that I ever buy. It has been one year since I bought it via online. Overall, I’m quite satisfied and it’s perform well under normal usage.

Dell Vostro 1200

The new Intel-based notebook for ultra portable series from DELL is definitely making the way for me. The new 12.1-inch model is packed with 120GB hard drive and 2GB of system memory. It also comes with 3-in-1 memory card readers, integrated 2 megapixels webcam and finger print reader.

The spec is further enhanced with DVD-RW burner and 802.11n WiFi. The price is only RM 2,388. It was a total new experience buying online.

Purchasing Dell Vostro 1200 online

Looking at the box would make you think of computer monitor box. In fact, it’s not. It’s a new DELL laptop that I ordered online. It took them 10 working days to be delivered by Skynet courier.

Let me intro a little bit about its specification. Dell Vostro 1200 is an ultra portable 12.1″ notebook weight only 1.9 kg. For frequent travelers who need powerful performance in a lightweight and compact design and wireless connectivity. It is equipped with a built-in DVD burner, a good quality of 2.0 megapixel camera, 3-in-1 memory card reader and finger print reader.

Vostro 1200 is powered by 2GB of system memory, 120GB hard drive and Intel Core 2 Duo T5270 (1.4Ghz, 2MB L2, 800 Mhz FSB) processor. The 12.1″ TrueLife WXGA widescreen display comes with 1280-by-800 resolutions.

The box comes with nylon case and CD driver. The notebook itself is located at the bottom with well-protected.

After taking out from the box, my expectation of its weight is slightly unexpected. I can’t hold it by one hand due to fear of dropping it. I need to handle it with both hand, same with opening the LCD.

The screen is very shiny until look like a mirror. Upon checking the physical condition, it has no defect and overall is quite satisfying as a first time customer.

I believe I could start my own project and with the mobility that I need, I can have more life. Probably will make more post at outstation like Starbucks.

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