Y2k8 Reso

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Make sure you very tempted to make bold new ones, if not, it would likely to success. I bet peoples are having a list of those but whether it get done or not, it varies.

Resolution? Instead of making resolutions that I think is not strong enough, I make GOALS. It’s more positive and results-oriented, right?

There was some simple resolution that majority would list here.

  • Get rid of smoking, drinking and speak foul language
  • Get a slim or fit body
  • Get a girlfriend/boyfriend or married
  • Get a new job
  • Get to lose some weight
  • Get to travel, charity and etc

The window of opportunity is small. So start to think now.

My deepest desires is often to get a girlfriend. I’m not young, as a lucky guy might married already. Not to say much here, honestly I’m open my heart to accept The One.

Managing a debt is a tough. This year alone, I had over 5k of credit card debt collected for almost 6 months straight. Forget about the interest charged, however it have been a bad financial this year. If I can reducing my credit card debt under 2k, consider as achievement already. Nevertheless, zero debt will be my goal this year. Start to think about investment!!

Investment is vital to everyone. It’s best to protect your future. I will diversify my investment in different ways. Lets see how it goes. Already put some in actions.

Upgrading myself in different way. How can I? It’s hard to say here, but it’s likely from head to toe. It can be from attitudes to the way of thinking? You will see a lot of changes soon. Sound weird when I say upgrading, feel like a machine when being refer like this. Lets say…improving?

Losing some kgs is my every year goal. I managed to achieve it every year with result. This year alone, I manage to shed my weight from 95kg to 87kg only. Why not? I’m exercising and burden my body with so many high intense activity such as hiking, gym, badminton and recently swimming. The ideal weight is 82 kgs. So 5kgs to go. Opss, forget to say getting my flat tummy…not to mention my abs. Hehe.

Okay…finish off my main points, now go for less important which are more likely my wish list.

(( ^(o0)^ ))

Eh…work smart lah! of course