Y2k8 Happening

Voila!! 2008 is here. First post on first day. I see future. I see hopes. I see happiness. Health, career and personal improvement are the main things I will put effort in.

Again, last year is constantly seen how strong I can be as a person. I hardly down or being push down on the occasions. During the period, I’m still standing strong and learn from mistakes. I start loving myself. The more you praise and celebrate yourself, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Happening Y2k8

  • Career advancing
  • Stay healthy and fit
  • Learn more personal skills (communication)
  • Practicing open-heart
  • Lifestyle and image
  • Proper financial planning

What do you think? Simple or too general? Simplicity makes the things more focus. Each has its own definition and each of them brings a long story. And I guess it’s too particular and I prefer to keep it a little bit secrecy. Hehe. So enjoy the best for the Year of Rat 2008.