Y2k7 Happening

First post in year 2k7. What I am going to say here?? Normally people would set their new year resolution this month. I’m not hesitate to have my own here. 2006 had been a year with up and down, and I grew up the most in 2006 compare to 2005 – making a lot of life-changing decisions and constantly reminded how strong I can be as a person. 2k7 Resolutions

  • Improve communication/relationship (Self-improvement)
  • Build Career (Self-improvement)
  • Improve stamina (Self-Improvement/Fitness)
  • Investment (Wealth)

Too general is it? 🙂 Because it’s too many to list here and most of it fall under either to any category above. On this case, I rather put myself a wish list to be accomplish for this year. So can you tell me what you want to do to achieve in year of 2k7. It can be anything, from your head to your toes. I shall see in the end this year whether I could really achieve the target that I set now.

Working Life Hopefully it would be a good year since I born in year of Piggy. My life has been so boring last year, a little much improve in the half end of the year. I know people around me are getting bored with me. But it’s changed when they know I am leaving them to another dept soon. I got so many invitation to drink coffee la, breakfast la, and bla bla bla, just to show they’re appreciating me as their team member. Why stop boycott me? Some even share secret with me and..i wonder..when it’s nothing to do with me, so you tell me right? What kind of people, but finally feel some warm here. Sigh.

My transfer Yo..the biggest resolution so far is to change job. Finally, it happened. I will start my new job in this end of month. So all I can do is do preparation and wait for it. My current colleagues are all treat me so good lately, so I think of making a memorable dinner with them soon.

Travelling As per planned, this month, I will travel to Penang with family via AirAsia for the first time. Also, in coming March, I will be holidaying with Ivan, Ricky and the rest (same batch with recent Melaka-A-Famosa trip) to Redang. The rest still yet to be plan, but I am waiting for greater plan soon. and too many to say here…I think I better update from time to time rather than listed all in one post. Hehe. 🙂