Y2k6 Happening

Hello, Happy New Year 2006. Maybe it’s too late to wish now, but I think it’s okay for my blog since it’s first post in year 2006. Sadly to say that this month is going to be my busy month..lol. Start of year plan is rolling right now.

First of all, ex-colleague of my first job invited me for Melaka trip, a historical town in Malaysia for 2 days. 1st-2nd Jan. It’s still not a very good trip, however, consider a big leap for my experience. Hehe..being drive alone to Melaka without my parent accompany (a great experience because they had worried about me before this).

Considering I travelling about 41km everyday to work had strengthen their worri-ness on me. LOLz. I should understand their feeling..ma. My next target is Singapore.. lol..but hehe.. dunno how it’s going yet.

I always wanted to change my room environment because I quite bored of what my room look like now. One of the things that I don’t like about my room is the wooden floor which tearing off and look ancient.

You can imagine such wooden floor that build 19 years ago. My final decision has been made last week and decided to cover with floor tiles. It costs me RM350++ for this renovation.

I gotta move everything of my room out and empty the room before start kicking off. Gurr, the dust floating everywhere and make me “aaaaachhhhooooo” everytime I enter the room. Gosh.

Until now, I still haven’t move back to my own room, and my computer hadn’t online for almost one week plus. I use my sister computer to online sometimes. Well, not all my online activities are distrupted, only a few.

I still manage to involve in auto-surf everyday. But lots of inconvenient still occur like downloading series. I afraid that I missed it.

Hey! I managed to get myself my dream camera which I has been dreaming off [Casio EX-S600] finally. It’s super happy..I took a lot of pictures, and I promised to post here soon after I move back to my comfortable room soon.

So, in final word, I had spent really really a lot of money in order to make my plan to start rolling this year. Hope my prosperous will be good this year. Hehe, can’t wait for Chinese New Year coming next 2 weeks. Bye