Work Life Balance

Work, work and work. All work and no play makes a person stressed out. People sacrifice living itself for work to maintain a reasonable standard of living. And in the act of living less and working more, most people also sacrifice a balanced life.

Even though career and financial plan is always important, once you’re in that level, maintaining a work life balance is very hard. Our intended path of career need to be balanced in our life. Career is like a goose that lay golden eggs. You have to take care of your goose so it can take care of you and your loved ones.

Think about your family and friends, what is the career success if you don’t have anyone to celebrate with you at the end of day? Worst come to worst, you have no one to commiserate with when things gone bad? Your friends might be can be talk to if you have not made the time to build relationship with other people.

For leisure, it’s actually a reward after a hard day’s work. Leisure time is any time that you spend doing something you enjoy, either on your own or with people who make you feel good. I choose my weekend as my leisure time to gym and also badminton. Eventually, my leisure time sometime happened on Saturday which I awaiting every week.

Spending time on leisure doesn’t mean have to spent huge sums of money like clubbing and shopping. A simple walk-out at lake garden is actually quite entertaining. It’s actually help me to de-stress and unwind. I feel that I’m wandering in a stress-free zone and thus will spark my creativity in the next day.

It does made my feel-good hormones to circulate my blood and my life will not be dull anymore.