Wise Wife = Happiness Marriage

It’s a secret to lead a happy marriage. How? Married people are happier than unmarried people, we all know about this. But does we all know that men who marry educated women are happier than uneducated.

According to the survey, married men is 135% happier than single men. But married women are just 52% happier than unmarried women. Why? It has something to do with stability and direction that men look for after married.

Individuals are less happy one or two years before marriage, very happy around the time of the marriage, and then experience another drop in happiness after marriage. A norm? Maybe. Human are getting bored so fast.

A man’s happiness level grew by 8% for each year of education his wife had. A woman with a bachelor’s degree could make her husband 32% happier than those who did not have it did. But this correlation was much weaker in case of women. Happiness also varied depending on the differences in years of education between the two.

Women may prefer males that are higher educated than themselves to ensure financial security. Males may prefer the consumption benefits of a highly educated spouse. Or maybe it is just a case of negative assortative mating, that is, opposites really do attract.