What is Blog?

Some good questions about blogging and answer for it. I have lots of friends don’t know about it when I ask them. Really want to make blogging a fun activity to enjoy!

1. What is the nature of blog? Is it public space or private space?
The initial purpose of blog is to shared online personal journal where can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies. It’s nothing can be classified as private space when your journal is available in Internet, therefore, it’s more than putting into public space, for the whole world reference.

2. Should there be limitation on the contents in the blogging? Why or why not? (explicit examples)
Even there is a limitation of the contents, not most people would follow the rules because Internet is cross-border community where people can meet other people with different cultures background. Government can’t change the culture of their people, but must accept how their people had changed in the way after being exposed to the whole world culture exchange.

For example, if people want to write their personal opinion about their country politics, will they be sentences to wrong doing? No, because in certain countries, there are freedom speech. It’s impossible to control all peoples from talking about certain sensitive issues. In conclusion, I would say that limitation can’t be work in blogging world.

3. If regulation necessary, who should be in charge? Or should it be left with bloggers’ own discretion?
Government can’t be in charge in this regulation. They got more things to do in regulate country economy, politics and societies. Blogging world isn’t owned by any people. It should be left to bloggers themselves.

4. What are the responsibilities of bloggers? If any?

Blogger should follow their manners and cultures in their surround. Although Internet have a big impact on the overall culture shock, one should determine what is right and what is wrong. Certain issue can provoke a big impact of the entire country, so be responsible on what you’re blogging in your blog.

5. How much credibility can you give to the content of the blogging?
Contents of the blogging are very dependable to the blogger itself. The world of blogging is changing extremely fast. It’s hard to evaluate its credibility. However, due to society change, I would say blogging is now changing the way how people think about the world. Reading blog is like reading people’s mind.

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