Untold story for Redang trip

It’s a wonderful vacation so far in my life. I know in front of me, there is a lot better, but I yet to achieve it. For the moment, this is the best vacation. I would remember forever.

Can’t sleep because I had to wake up damn early, 3am. I shall take the bus at 4am. Reach airport at 5.30am. Check-in 6am. Flight at 7am. All in schedule.

Walao, Ivan and his friends all started from home so late. He telephoned me to help him to check-in. I said how can. It’s impossible. He just don’t understand and keep asking me to give the phone to the people in charge.

The counter is close at 6.30am, but he’s still appear nowhere. I am getting anxious and wondering why he is so unlucky. I am so calm, acting no rush or worry something, just hope he will arrive on time. Damn, he is LATE. The counter close already. All of them missed the plane.

Only me able to check-in on time. Because of them I already check-in 10 minutes later. Luckily everything goes smooth for me. I keep thinking and thinking them whether they could get the ticket and appeared in front of me. Well, all things are set, means they late, system close and nothing can change it.

I don’t know what’re their feelings at the moment. All of them late together-gather. If I was them, I would definitely don’t know what to do. After knowing them actually made loud at the counter to show dissatisfaction, I only can wonder he is too not rational.

What I am doing at the moment and how exactly I feel about it? Err…I’m thinking when they’re going to get into plane ar. Why take so long? Plane is going to fly liao. When I realize the time already 7.05am, I know that they’re really stranded at the airport. My mind tell me whether they’re coming by car or by bus. Never thought they’re taking another flight of MAS.

I reached there at 8.05am. Not knowing any people there, just myself only. My best friend is my hand phone. Without it, I really alone in stranger place. Sometimes when thought about it quite scary. I contact them to know what’re they going to plan about it. They said they will take another flight at 8.50am and will reach about 10am. I am okay with it so I decided to wait them at airport. I saw the hotel representative waving their sign-board to alert their customers.Well, I decided to wait although I could follow the hotel staff to their hotel. They provided transport from airport to jetty and jetty to resort. A surprise coming to me, they said they failed to buy the morning flight and have to take the evening flight. Whoa…what the hell is it. Reach here at 3.30pm? Even told me to enjoy myself at airport? Damn you la. How I am going to enjoy? Waiting nothing for 6 hours? You siao, quickly give the reservation number so that I could go there by myself.

I am not late, you know. Why shall I deserved to wait you guys? You thought I am fool. Even told me to take the same boat with you guys. Waiting at jetty until 3.30pm? Are you no brain? Thinking of these made me hate them. Who the hell can wait under such hot weather at jetty, telling people that I am waiting my friends who missed the flight?

So, after I get the reservation number, I quickly go to the hotel counter at airport to tell them that all my friends were late and will come by 3.30pm. And I am only one that reach on time. The staff said okay after get confirmation call from my friends. Damn him. Dare not too and I will slice you.

I took the van at 10am and reach jetty about 30 minutes later. I am quite calm in such situation, thanks to previous trip I had to Penang with my family. I learned so much from the trip, to be independent and think rationally.

Get to know a couple whom missed the flight too. They’re lucky enough to get a morning flight at the last minutes. Well, getting to know them is definitely a good thing, so I won’t too bored traveling alone. Hehe.

At the jetty, I was tellin again to the counter that all my friends were late until 3.30pm. He was surprise because I am only one out of 10 who missed the flight. He again confirmed my friends and I’m ready to get into boat to the resort. This takes about 45 minutes.Reached there at 12pm, time for lunch. I quickly check-in by mentioning my friend. Luckily I know how many rooms he booked. The receptionist just hand me 3 rooms key and meal vouchers. I am surprise and I told her that I took on behalf of my friends, she accepted. Whoa…save.

I’ve been told that the lunch buffet is already started, and I quickly go inside. After having lunch, I’ve been told that I could check-in to my room for rest. There is a snorkeling schedule on 2.45pm later at the jetty. At the moment, we all could get into room to wash, prepare or get rest before activity started. Yahoo… Goggles, life jacket and marine park reservation ticket shall purchase before the activity. Cost me RM25. Worth it. Use it for 3 days.

In the room, it was so relax. It was first time I ever dare to be alone in resort room. All the time, I always thought about the horror things happening in the room. But this time is totally different. My mind is so free of all this thing. I even called Coola to tell her how enjoy am I. And she called me straight away to chat with me. I feel so good. At least someone care me when I am alone from my friends.After chat with her, I quickly wash and get ready with snorkeling. Never do this activity, but I am ready for it. The weather is hot and before I even get into water, it’s already sweating. Going far away from the island by boat about 20 minutes. Quite boring man.

Then, I saw peoples go into water and get themselves floating. Whoa, so cute. I try..wah, cold water in hot weather. Can see fish and coral some more. Very enjoy man.

As this is my first activity, I didn’t bring any camera. While waiting my friends coming, I already spent half day with joy, rather than dull waiting at airport. Damn them.

About 4pm, all of us had to get back to boat back to island. I feel so relax. Again, I enjoy that feeling so much. When reach the resort, I quickly get back to my room and get change. My friends will reach soon. Anytime, they would call me to pass them the room key.

After changed, I patiently wait their call at balcony. When I received their call, I quickly rush to lobby and lead them to the room. They already can’t wait to get into water. What shall I do? I follow them to swimming pool, again with previous wet clothes.

After that, we went for dinner buffet. Again, after a heavy water sport, I enjoy the meal so much. On the first night, everybody seems tired and sleepy.

We walked along the beach, and took some pictures. I slept early. Woke up about 5am by them, just to watch the sun rise.

Okay, but not too early okay. Anyway, I am not going until 7am, woke up for breakfast.

I enjoy every meal taken. We had another snorkeling at 9.30am, so had to prepare for it. Similarly go by boat and reach about 10 minutes. All of us get into water and start watching fishes and corals. Quite enjoy and use up a lot of energy.Back to the boat and get back to resort. Well, time for lunch buffet. The girls wanted photo session so, I had to posted as photographer.

The weather is quite hot, and we realized it’s time for snorkeling again. The place would be more nicer and nature. It’s Marine Park reserve from government. Build purposely for the corals and fishes. The water is damn clear. More clear than your water pipes. Almost zero pollution if you want me rate the water quality.More peoples are going for this place. About 6 boats from our resorts to the destination. Whoa, I really amaze by environment, it’s very nice. I never been such clean beach before. This time, I got bring my camera. Can’t resist to take pictures there. It’s absolutely beautiful. Because of this, I go into water with pant only. Wish to get darken ma.

Got a nice memories there. After getting back to resort, we had to prepare for dinner buffet. Second day seems to be repeated but I just fine. They decided to buy their photos taken during the snorkeling session. After that, they walked around the beach while I and others went back to room for rest.

Don’t know why it’s so tired, but since got nothing to do, I had nothing to lose. If not, who want to walk beach with me then?

Woke up early in the morning just to see sun rise. Too bad, the cloud is covered it. Nothing to see again. Haiz. Okay, breakfast buffet again.

Yo, after breakfast, we rented a volley ball and beach volleyball is begin. It’s so fun, sand getting everywhere. I won’t even scare fall into soft sand.

About 10am, we get ourselves into room and packed our things. By 11.30am, we all need to check-out and go for lunch buffet again. About 1am, we transfer out from island by boat to jetty. Our trip in the Redang has end. We’re heading to Terengganu.We brought around the town by bus once reached jetty. At 7pm, the bus heading to airport for our flight at 9.20pm. The flight had delayed about 20 minutes, and we reached KL at 10.40pm. Reached home about 1.15am. A wonderful trip with good memories and natural environment. A totally worth trip package. Would be back again. Yo!