Top 10 reasons to resign

I had my very own reason to resign. Peoples come and go. It’s a trend in workforce nowadays. Don’t be shock if a newly promoted staffs suddenly resigns for other company. It’s normal even though it cause counter shock to me.

My top ten reasons I choose to resign.

1. Move On

Does that sound better than anything else made me look a job-hopper? Yes, I had to move on since I already obtained my degree certification which took me almost 2 1/2 years. My plan to get higher education level was successful. Now I can choose better pay job and most important is prospect of career. If the pay is high in small company doesn’t bring you further compare to MNC company with lower pay in beginning.

2. New year new resolution

I quoted myself that my new life will officially start in year 2007. All the past must left behind. It’s a fresh year and also year of tourism..Cuti-cuti Malaysia..haha. My fresh graduate year and life will start in 2007.

3. Bonus

Yeap, bonus has been paid for the year itself. It never brings forward to be paid in 2007.

4. 2 years tenure

Ermm…most people won’t stay too long in the organization, minimum of 2 years only. They will start looking for job after that. For people who stayed for 5 years, the reason behind it is he/she failed to get better offer outside. It’s a common for a person who should be evaluating for the performance after worked for 2 years. If the person don’t see the prospect there or still maintain the old position, that’s mean it’s time to leave. Most organization practices this, I believe.

5. Shift work

When I joined this organization, I never thought of the terribly of working shift hours. After I have been working shift for all these times, I definitely will not choose shift based job in future. Work long hour is fine, as long as it’s not permanently fixed. I hate when I start work while other people is off work. I hate when I had my social life smaller than before. It’s obvious that I meet people lesser when my working life is abnormal. I had to change this before it’s getting late and later.

6. Long distance

The distance from home to work is about 40km. To compare the distance since I started my education, 10km (1989), 5 km (1996), 7km (2001), 12km (2003), and (40km) 2005. I wish to work roughly 10-20km from my home which around the KL area. I know the traffic is jam, but I willing to take public transport as I start bored with driving to work everyday. I have to calculate the cost of petrol and toll. Considering this as a point of convenience, I rated this as my first priority in my job selection.

7. OT and claim reduced

Not an important factor but also a dragging factor for me to stay longer here. As I mentioned, I had to move on even though they don’t reduce it. I feel pity to my colleagues who based solely on OT to make living as the basic is not enough to cover his spending habits.

8. No social life

Not many friends when you work in abnormal hours. I absolutely can’t join in their event and sometimes it’s hard to decide whether confirm or not during the event. Hence, your network becomes smaller. If I am single, then it’s harder for me to look for Ms.Right around me. Definitely a disadvantage over a long period.

9. Work during holiday

Okay, I am used to this. It’s nothing can be rant about, but definitely not a good things. Peoples around me always organize event or trip during long holiday, but heck, I need to work on holiday. Would you rant or just pout on lips? However, in the return, I got paid for the holiday rates, which quite satisfy.

10. Colleagues getting bored

My current team is getting bored and much unmotivated. Watching them made me feel bored too. There’re not much politics there except for the senior staffs. Even though, sometimes we laugh happily and quite cheerful, however, if we had choices, we would rather move out this team. True. It’s how we see brighter side instead of boring side.


PS: I am going to have a long break (Block Leave) from 20-29th Nov (10 days). After coming back, I will submit resign letter to HR on 30th, with one month notice. My last day with current company will be 31st Dec. My new start will be on 1st Jan 2007, whether I got job or jobless, it’s still a new day for me! YO!