Too late for swimming?

BTR Swimming Pool

7 April 2008

I’m wondering I only learn how to swim at this kind of age. Even though I obsessed with swimming too much, I realized that many people out there still don’t know how to swim. I never taught how to swim at the early age.

It’s only due to my friends invitation, I started to learn few basic skills after ‘force’ to do something during in the water. Hence, I learn how to exchange breath and hold my breath, of course with help of goggle.

Swimming is normally my weekly occasions on the Saturday morning at Bandar Tun Razak. I still remember when I was first join my friend, I was totally nooby. No preparation at all. Now I get used most of it. I even wanted to buy proper swimming accessories to make my hobby enjoying.

Long time ago, I was getting a chance to dip into National Aquatic Centre in Bukit Jalil. My colleagues that time, an avid swimmer, asked me out for a swim. No more after that as I had disappointed them so much.

Particularly, the advantages of swimming brought me forward. Other than stamina building, it slim down your body too. The place that I used to swim is normally the nearest one as below.

Komplex Renang Kuala Lumpur @ Bandar Tun Razak

  • RM3 per entry for weekend with free car park. Still cheap compare to National Aquatic Centre, RM5 + car park RM1.50.
  • Only 7km from my house compare with 12km to Bukit Jalil.
  • Cool water not matter what whether, it just refreshes my whole body when I jump in. Cleanliness comes second as it’s public pool.
  • Water gives a relaxation feel.
  • I somehow addicted to water after I know swimming even though I’m born with water paranoid.
  • Swimming can increase my fitness in my breathing at first and body muscle at second. I have no priority to build upper body however, it just make it look better and more confidence.
  • It helps to reduce strain from my body, a kind of body stretching activity after sit too long in the office. It gives me the right posture again after a while.
  • Last but not least, it’s good sport after all.

In this few weeks, I went for night swim more frequent because it’s doesn’t clash my weekly badminton play out. Not to mention lesser children bugging around the pool, it’s also good for my skin (not getting darker). And I swim alone, how pity I’m. My friend can’t catch-up with my crazy schedule. hehe.