Toned up my body!

Initial plan to join fitness centre was to reduce fat on the body. Peoples always said, “Turn your fat into muscles“. Actually, it’s not true. As long as your fat still covers your muscle, there’s no way you can see your muscle. Am I right?

Your six packs won’t show up if you have your spare-tyre covering it.

Time to lose some weight.

In fact, I am quite a tall guy and always got attention wherever I go. People would just make a glimpse on my whole person when I walk in front of them. I just feel not comfortable. What’s the point you look at me?? Because you handsome tall lor. Can’t blame them also. I sometimes take a look at tall people too. Haha.

First of all, I attended as many aerobic classes as I want. Body Jam, Combat and Attack trained your stamina and lose some fats. These classes made you sweat!! The more you sweat the calories you burned.

Body Pump trained your muscle. In fact, I do some weight-lifting in free weight area too.

Now I feel bored because I tried most of the facilities there. No more fun unless got someone workout together with me.

Tone your muscle and it will burn down your fat. That’s my belief.

So girls, tone up your muscle can make your body slim, trust me. It won’t make your arm look like a man. It just tone your arm in better shape. Don’t believe that myth where you will get a big forearm if you do weight-lifting.

* written on Aug 2006