Sony Walkman NW-E003F/B

Not about to make introduction of any MP3 here, but to let everyone know that I finally bought an affordable yet popular walkman player to myself.

I already made myself too tired for being choosy of which player should I get. Creative? Apple? Sansa? Sony? Storm? Samsung? and so on. It dragged me for 2 years before I decided to end it finally. Hehe.

The Digital Music Player with compact & stylish design & direct USB (1GB) with price RM449.00 from Sony Store at Berjaya Times Square.

It comes with a small present box. Purchase from online store doesn’t entitled for the free leather to protect the player. Sony has also registered me as Sony Style member and rewarded me some points for redemption later on.

The box contain this cute and compact size player which I dream on so much. Its stand very long hour of usage, up to 28 hours for single charge. Awesome right?

There is a manual book and also a piece of software (Sonic Stage) use to transfer the songs to the player. Since it’s using ATRAC Audio compression instead of MP3, it can’t be call as MP3 player but Walkman player.

The ATRAC technologies make the file 50% smaller than MP3 but the quality is same as MP3.

To protect the player from being bump on the wall, hit on the floor or scratch by ur nails :), you just use this leather case. I find this quite not necessary, so I just left it behind.

I am happy user after all during bedtime and also during non-busy working days. Cheers to SONY for your great product.