Sony Ericsson Z610i

My first 3G phone and my fifth phone since 2001. It’s Sony Ericsson Z610i. I aim to make good use of 3G technology. First sight love on this phone. No doubt it’s a must buy item in my wish list.

I choose black to match my MP3 player from Sony also. When put side by side, it’s like a sibling on their own. Internal keypad is nice but the button is small to me. Then have to type slower loh.

The price is RM920 with the handsfree, usb cable, CD, screen protector and the manual. The 2 megapixel camera is enough to capture a good pic. See below, no edit one.

The ability to withstand the scratches outside is incredible. Try using the ring or key, it’s hard to scratch it…of course not using the bull energy..haha.

Although it can use the silicon cover…but it’s too ugly, hidden the beauty. If tinting will make shiny, too bad, it’s only available in selected booth at Sg.Wang and Lowyat.

It’s very easy to make a print with our oily fingers. Try to use the special cloth to remove the ‘stain’. Outer display is using OLED, claimed can prolong the battery life. I am not sure how long it would last, but normally 2 days and above.

A beauty side of this phone is you can use it as a mirror.

Tip: To check amount of flip on the phone … hit >*<<*<*