So bored

Bored. Really bored when it’s comes to weekends. Normally I don’t have plan before hand. But I had a lot great plan for trip. Again, in this coming two months, there will be 3 trips for me. All are local trips.

However, I still feel bored.

I’m not movie goer, shopping freak and clubber, but I’m gym lover and badminton amateur. I can hardly think of any other things to do after my sport activities. It’s just so dull. My life become bored again.

Blogging isn’t my priority and only when I’m free and inspirational. Going outdoor sometimes excited but when I stuck in crowded places, I feel bored and wanna go home.

Staying at home is really relax and no pressure. Eating, playing, watching, and sleeping for the whole day seems to be a routine. I think my room can become my house. Facing four walls and all stuffs around me can make me feel bored.

Now I think I’m going too bored to write this boring post.