Serving the period

A week after I submitted my resignation letter, I received the acceptance of resignation letter as return. This letter serves to inform that my resignation had been accepted. Given the notice period of one month, my employment shall be until 29 November 2007.

Back to my serving period, I found that people are more kind and considerate, even the boss treat you better. I’m wondering this kind of perspective that people would giving when someone is serving the period of resignation. Why wanted to get everything too late than only to regret?

Why you don’t want to speak to me what’s your plan or budgeting when I’m still have a faith? Breakdown of communication or just look down my capabilities? I don’t give a hell, while I’m trying many sorts of way to discuss the problem between the team and myself, you don’t bother to take care or let me know what’s your thinking?

Now our team is shrinking and head count become threatening. Did I contributed to this problem? Yes. I wouldn’t want like that, but in reality, who wanted to work in such environment?

One has said, “Leave in peace, not in pieces. Don’t burn the bridge that you build here.” That’s all for today.