Saisaki Japanese Buffet

It’s my favorite buffet restaurant after all. It compromises Japanese dishes with its popular sushi, tempura, sashimi and etc at cost of RM52++ for dinner. I went there again on public holiday recently around 6.30pm. I met my old colleague who come together with his friend.

Reservation is needed for peak hour at night, however, I didn’t because only two of us I guess. There are a lot of group do gathering there, a good place sometimes for enjoy Japanese food.

A lot of choices and I couldn’t recall how many I’d tried, guess 90%. Green tea is free flow. But you can try fruit juice at the drink counter as well.

The bill came out to RM119.60 for two persons inclusive of tax. Kinda pricey but satisfied. 🙂 Oyster provided one for each which I think is okay (not my favor). The food was fresh and the quality was good. Although I’ve eaten there twice, this is really my first time settle such a big bill.

Frankly say, it would be a long time before I go back again unless I really miss the environment and food there. If someone would like to do gathering or event there, for sure I will be back again no matter what…ha ha ha.