Route to success

Success itself has defined as an event that accomplishes its intended purpose. I has no exception for this also. However, when I think about success, I suddenly become fearful. Why? I ended my second job last Saturday and start my third job today. This is a possible route where I am heading forward to a path called ‘success’.

A 180 degrees of change is awaiting me. Everyone made me to think it’s a challenges. But I think so much. There’re so many possibilities I am facing when all this changes happened. A new pressure push me to perform in new level. People around me expected me to keep up my pace and continuously watching what I’m done.

A success of another success is even harder. A fail afterward will spoilt my entire success. I admit I am non-talkative people, not used to have audience, but being in the success route, I had to take on the potential audience. People know who am I, and certainly know my role.

To maintain the success, I had to drop off all the bad habits and old way to do things. Current practises must be amend to cope the new skills and challenges. People said it’s hard to get to top, but it’s harder to maintain at the top.